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I’m taking a brief moment this morning to give my shout out of approval to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an open letter to him.

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

In a day when nations are running to bow to the President of the United States of America, when queens are going “gaga” over the Obama family, I want to encourage you, Prime Minister Sir, to stay strong in your stance to keep Israel a Sovereign nation. 

 Americans will stand with Israel, even when our government may make other noises! The conservatives and the evangelicals will stand with Israel because we know that G-d stands with Israel!  We will stand with Israel because we know that when we do not, then we fall out of G-d’s favor. We will stand with Israel because we love Israel.

We will also stand with Israel because we know the teaching about King David and how he “stole” one little ewe lamb, and the pronouncement that King David inadvertently made against himself because of it. Israel is like the one little ewe lamb. There are over 22 Arab nations which could receive ALL of the people who call themselves “Palestinians”, yet they want the one JEWISH nation to give up what little land and sovereignty they hold.

They will come offering many peace treaties and many promises, yet do not forget the many more which they have broken. There is no “change” for them, because they do not repent of the evil in their hearts, and the greed and lust that they have to take Israel — not even as a prize, but in order to destroy the gemstone on the hill!

Those who stand for a divided Jerusalem stand against Israel!  They know that a house divided can not stand!

Prime Minister, you stand as a guard at the doors of history. If you drop your post and give into pressure, it will be a disaster for Jewish people, not only in Jerusalem, but around the world!  It will also be a disaster for Christians around the world!

Please, Sir, so many of us rejoiced when you won the election because we saw the hope of Israel resting upon your shoulders. You MUST stand strong.

As an American, I beg of you to not let the US Embassy return to Jerusalem! They are not coming there to support you, but to rule you, to usurp Israel’s authority to be a sovereign nation!  Do not forget the day when they left Jerusalem and refused to support Israel by keeping an embassy there. However, Christians from around the world came to Jerusalem and built an embassy there to show their support for Jerusalem, for Israel, and for Jewish people everywhere.

If President Obama gets his way, he will rule Jerusalem and therefore, he will rule Israel, and thus, he WILL rule the world.

Stay strong, Prime Minister Netanyahu. You have the hope of Israel resting on your shoulders at this point in Israel’s history. What you do will decide the fate of not only Israel, not only Jerusalem, but of the world.

We are praying for you — for wisdom, for strength, for courage, and for protection.

Blessings to you and to your family,

But especially, blessings to the Nation of Israel.. the Light which sits on the Hill.. a beacon of hope for Jews and Christians everywhere.

Susan Leipsner


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