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Life is brief, and fleeting. In a breath it can all change. Everything that we thought was important becomes frivolous, unmemorable.  It only takes a single act, a moment– and life has passed.  It happens so suddenly some times that we are left to wonder, what happened — and where did it go.  It was on the first day of summer that year my life changed in a way that I could never have dreamed.  It was an act in a brief moment in history, but one that changed the course of time for me and my family, and for generations to follow–it was a loss that would be felt around the world. 

As I stood on the side of that unforgiveable interstate the next day, combing through grass and the bark of a tree to try and pick up the tale-tale signs, it seemed unimaginable that cars could continue passing by, people speeding along with their lives as though a great tragedy had not shook earth.  It was at that moment that I realized that no matter how much I hated the truth, life will have it’s say–it will go on.  We do not have the power to halt it. We can only embrace life– hold onto every thing that is precious and true and right, and release all that is not. In that fleeting moment, I could see him standing there, lumionous, hands pressed together, and a smile that melted tears. It was fleeting, but it was real.

 In memory of love–

“How Did This Way We Go?”

How did this way we go? Was it by foot or horse or ass, or ships that sailed upon splendid seas of glass? Did you see the crumbs we left, or footprints in the sand, or letters painted red? Did you note the time of day, the seasons passed we on our way?

I took not note of this, nor that.  I cared not if we walked or raced, or stood too long in stranded place.

I stood by you my lover’s side, when we walked through shaded glen and wondered not where trail would end   Always I let you be my trusted guide, my truest friend. I noticed not how shadows fell, how moon would look upon the sky, nor how the mountain side did swell.

How did this way we go?  Was it through the desert land, of roasting sun and golden sand, of creepers crawling about the land?  Did we struggle in the heat, and hope for waters fresh and sweet? Or did we thirst for something more — for life and love from God’s own store?

I stood by you my lover’s side, when bent there in the heat and cried, knowing you would feel my pain, and lead me from this desert land. I trusted you my lover-friend to keep me safe until the end –of journeys… far and near and wide, to always be there by my side.

Then night–it come, and day did pass.  I stood upon the sea of glass, and looked within the darkest hour, for you had left me all alone to find the way that you had gone. The pain of all the darkest days, the passing of our endless ways, had come to meet me on that sea and asked me if I searched for thee,

“What, my Maiden Crown of Thorns, your robe was cast upon the ground? Your robe of hope and endless days? And where now do you meet your lover’s gaze!”

How did this way we go? Through the light?  Through the light?  This is how we passed this endless night? I noticed not how shadows fell, nor how moon did look upon the sky, nor how the mountains side did hide it’s awesome swell. Because we walked by God’s own light and passed our way through darkest night.

And now I know how you did go, that day you left me on the path to pass through life’s own looking glass. You saw a light!  A brighter light than darker hour within the night!  Then nothing else could steal your gaze– not my love, nor our hope for endless days.

I’ll follow you upon the path. I’ll watch for the Light that makes one laugh — at darkest night and endless days, and love that makes one’s heart feel crazed. Then Light will shine upon the land.  I too shall reach for God’s own hand!  Others will stand upon the sand, and wander on the sea of glass, pondering — “Which way did she, the Maiden Crown of Joys, pass?”





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