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This is my favorite song of the season. It’s by Sarah McLachlan. It would make a very nice Christmas present.  Enjoy! Song For a Winters Night

This is an appetizer that I’m often asked to bring to get-togethers.  It’s yummy, and a little gooey (gooey is almost always good!), sweet and crunchy. I would say that list covers about all of my fav food groups! You can also add healthy and in this season of feasting, we  need to add a little pinch of healthy. With this delicious treat, you can add a pound of healthy without adding to many pounds to the bottom line–if you know what I mean!  It’s also great to have a plate full of these for the kids when they come home from school or play–hungry as a bunch of monkies! You can encourage them have another!    

Warning: You may become addicted to this “delicious” treat! We claim no responsibility!

Banana-Peanut Butter-Granola Honey Crunch Rolls

Ingredients: You can make one or one hundred– each individual roll is cut into small “pinwheels” of delectable yumminess

Per each wrap:

1 – 1 1/2 Ripe Bananas-slightly firm-Peeled and spinkled with lemon or pineapple juice (keeps banana from turning dark.

1 large round “wrap”

peanut butter (approx. 2 tbl)

1 Tablespoon of honey

2-3 Tablespoons granola

1 tsp of powdered sugar

enough pineapple or lemon juice to roll your banana in to prevent it from turning dark.


Lay your wrap out on a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper. Luxuriously smear peanut butter all over the wrap.  Take your time and enjoy the smearing part. I like to smear with a spatula, but you can use your fingers, if you want the full tactile experience. Also, fingers are just plain better for licking afterwards!

Healthy Hint: I like to add about a 1/2 tsp of my favorite fiber additive, like Fiber Sure. Fiber is great for the body! I just stir it into the peanut butter a little at a time until it’s completely dissolved. I like a nice coverage of the PB, and I always like to spread it all the way to the edges!

After you’ve smeared the peanut butter, and licked your fingers clean (and washed your hands..), then sprinkle on your granola. Of course, you can use granola with raisins, or walnuts, etc. If making a large number of these, you can also use different types of granola, so that you have some with raisins, some with chocolate chips, etc.

Next, drizzle honey all over …and if your “honey” is home maybe he or she can help you with the honey drizzling part- wink wink–hint hint. Just make sure you have extra honey!

I like to cut about 1/4 inch off each end of the bananas. It  makes a nice little snack for me as I put these together! As you roll the banana in the wrap, you will need to add a little banana in add the ends. Cutting off the little round end allows the banana to snug in tight to the “added piece”.

Lay the banana near one edge of the wrap. Pull the wrap snuggly up over the edge of the banana and begin rolling the banana up in the “wrap”, like a blankie. I really like to make sure that my banana is wrapped as snug and tight as possible, as it makes for cutting and maintaining the little pinwheels easier. As you roll, and your roll gets bigger than your banana, again, you may need to snug in some extra banana at the ends. Once you have your banana all wrapped and rolled, snug and secure, you might want to spear it with a tooth pick to keep the roll nice and tight. If you are only making one or two, this is not necessary. But, if you are doing several trays full, it just makes the process easier.

Now, dip a sharp knife in clean warm water, and slice  your rolled wrap about every 1 to 2 inches. Lay your pinwheels out on a tray and using a tea strainer, or your fingers, sprinkle very lightly with powdered sugar.

If you want to make these a little fancier, after adding the powdered sugar, you can spear a marachino cherry with a toothpick through the center. Or, you can top with a few raisins, a walnut, a few cashews or peanuts, a pecan slice. Wrap the plate or tray with plastic wrap and you are ready to go!  As an appetizer, I count about 3-4 slices per person. It’s simply delicious!


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